Pimp my blog

Seriously…. I currently have the dullest looking blog I’ve ever seen!  Hopefully the content is enough that people want to come back but as it’s the end of term, time is precious even more than normal and my blog is sadly (yet again) neglected.

So, if even I can’t find the time to come here, how can I expect other people to do so?

All ideas big or small are welcome whether they be motivational, plug-in suggestions, fancy clothes for my blog, whatever you like I’m yours!

And please come back and read again 😦


July 15, 2010. Tags: , , , . Uncategorized.


  1. Judith Green replied:

    Oh dear, weep. blogging can be SUCH a chore sometimes. My general rule is to give it a break when it feels like a chore, but then I’m not running a business.

    Just leave it til the end of term. But I’d suggest a blog overhaul. I don’t think your theme reflects you or the business at all. You need a wide theme for a start, to show off your lovely photos.

    How about some guest blog posts from customers/people you know about their experiences of baby wearing, or anything parenting related?

    But don’t beat yourself up. It’s only a blog! xx

    • Petit Poppet replied:

      Thanks, I know you’re right! It’s just that I so love writing it and every time I feel I’m back in the
      saddle I’m out again!

      Any tips on how to overhaul? No themes on here inspiring me and don’t want to break the bank. x

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