Back Carrying with the Boba 2G

The video below shows my gorgeous toddler model and I adopting a safe and comfortable back carry with the Boba 2G (complete with excitable dog in the bottom of the screen who relates sling wearing to dog-walking 😉 ).

The first carry shows the hip scoot method of getting her on my back and the second shows the superman lift which as you’ll see, she loves! Although I am using a Boba 2G in the video, the principes are the same for other SSC’s too.

Happy to answer any questions on this so please leave a comment or query at the bottom.

Happy back carrying!

*apologies for shoddy quality, not sure what happened in the upload!


September 15, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . Boba, Boba 2G, Slings, toddler carrier, Try before you buy.


  1. Renee replied:

    Hi Laura,

    Love that demo, u make it look so easy!! I am looking into getting a back carrier for Harrison…. i have the moby at present. Now i have seen how much fun ur little one has in it i am more confident bout back carriers!!

    • Petit Poppet replied:

      Hi Renee! Thanks so much! I’m pleased it was useful, we had fun shooting it as you can see! Been for a dog walk after work/nursery tonight and I carried her on my front in the same carrier which was great re-connecting time after being apart all day 🙂

  2. Hannah McManus replied:

    Great video! Love the bouncy dog too! I must try a back carry in the connecta. xx

  3. Rebecca replied:

    Super video Laura – Isobel was most impressed with Ellen saying “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and joined in.

    I’m glad to see our dog isn’t the only one who’s interested in helping get toddlers into slings – or perhaps she is after a lift too!

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