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Blethering on

As you probably have the gist by now if you’re an avid Petit Poppet blog reader, I have a lot to say about slings. It seemed only sensible therefore that I find my own space on t’Interweb to blether on to my hearts desire. This week I have been mostly loving the new forum created by PP at

I am often contacted by customers who ask if I sell second hand slings. They want to be able to pass on their well loved, faithful slings and help fund new lovelies. I also get asked many similar questions so it seemed sensible to combine the two elements and create a forum where people can sell, review, ask for advice and generally chat about all things sling.

I’m a sucker for a good forum and this just gives me license to indulge my addictions in their entirety 🙂

Come join us, we’re nice.

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