The ABM Conference Report

Yesterday, two of my wonderful Petit Poppet agents and I went to London to exhibit at the association of Breastfeeding Mothers Conference.  We were kindly invited to attend so it was an opportunity too good to turn down.

The week preceeding the conference had been somewhat stressful due to the launch of Nappy Days, the writing of school reports and the buying and attempted selling of cars.  The latter of which resulted in me leaving home much later Friday night than I had intended as someone wanted to come and look at the car.  Luckily, because he was keen to get home for the football, I was on the (very quiet) road and arrived at my best friends house in central London in record time.  I listened to the horrendous England Vs Algeria as I sailed down the deserted motorway and was overjoyed that I hadn’t made the decision to stay home to watch it – I would have been sorely disappointed with the result.  That’s another blog post altogether though and one I’m not sure I should begin…

When I arrived in London, I was delighted to be presented with my Petit Poppet T-Shirts which had been produced in an incredibly short amount of time by Jody at  Chilli Promotions, they looked even better than I had imagined and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Saturday morning, I set off for the venue for the conference.  I was greeted by Corinne, one of my agents and shortly after, Cathy, the second agent attending arrived.  It was wonderful to all be together and we really felt like a great team spreading the word about what we do.

Our table was set up and we were off.  It was absolutely wonderful seeing so many babywearing mums in one place and talking to people who already knew all the benefits offered by wearing your baby.  Kate Evans, author of The Food of Love was on the stand next to us and even bought some Huggalugs as arm warmers for her son.  Sadly, I didn’t think quickly enough to buy a copy of her book that I could have asked her to sign… next time!

The seminars were so engaging.  Listening to the discussions that were taking place and the knowledge that was floating around was an empowering experience.  I was proud to be among these confident mothers and learnt a great deal from them.

The highlight of the day for me was without doubt, the babywearing seminar and catwalk show.  Shortly after lunch, a flood of beautiful fabrics appeared before my eyes in the form of woven wraps, SSCs and ring slings.  There were babywearing mums and dads and even a tandem carry.  I was in heaven.

Following the catwalk show where some of the Petit Poppet slings were shown, Corinne demo’d a Solarweave Connecta on stage complete with breastfeeding toddler.  This was absolutely brilliantly done and I was so proud to see the Petit Poppet logo up there on her chest as she was doing such a fab job.

Corinne demoing the Solarweave Connecta at the ABM Conference

Once her demo was done, it was my turn in the spotlight.  I had been asked to help the lovely Maya with a Mei Tai sling as she was looking to try something else having loved using her striking (and aptly named!) Maya Ring Sling.  We took to the stage and the benefits and features of the Mei Tai were explained as I helped her get her beautiful daughter into the SnugBaby which was the Mei Tai I selected.

With Ring Sling before....

Looking Snug in the SnugBaby Mei Tai after - whilst I blether on...

Maya loved the SnugBaby and her little girl was content peeking out over the top at her audience.  Once fitted, I was interviewed and asked why I would recommend a Mei tai carrier and about my own views on the benefits of babywearing.  I don’t really remember much about what I said but it felt great, I think I’m rather suited to being the centre of attention 😉

All in all, it was a fabulous day and a wonderful experience.  I would like to thank Cathy and Corinne for coming along to help me man the stand, I couldn’t have done it alone!  I would also like to thank Emma Pickett of the ABm for inviting us along to the conference, we’re already looking forward to next year!  A final thanks to Yolanda for allowing me to use her pictures.  I was way too ditracted to take any good ones!

For those who are left wondering… I sold my car this afternoon and collect my new one tomorrow, can’t wait!


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In the Spirit of Voting…

I classify as what they’re referring to as a ‘floating voter’.

I’m frantically googling tonight to try and find something, just one little frag of something that tells me which box to X tomorrow. So far… nothing.

As a primary educator, first time mum and businesswoman, I’m looking for quite a lot from our leaders. Is this wrong? I don’t think so. Why shouldn’t I have high expectations of the leaders of our country? Why shouldn’t I be expecting support where I need it and the ability to have choices ahead of me rather than enforced decisions made on my behalf? I want my daughter to grow up in a world where women make informed decisions and live fulfilling, yet balanced lives.

So if any of you out there in the ether know something I don’t, please enlighten me. I sat my way through leaders debate after leaders debate and swung from being firmly in one camp to be being in the middle of somewhere that looks like nowhere.

I think this calls for a spreadsheet…

A much easier decision (but still no simple choice!) needing your vote is the fantastic face of SnugBaby contest. It might be too late to enter but it’s not too late to vote for your favourite to go through to the final judging panel. Check out the gallery and click the heart of the pair you’d like to see as the new face of SnugBaby.

SnugBaby is a UK made and BSEN tested Mei Tai sling. It comes in a
range of fantastic colourways and fabrics with the added bonus of being double sided (to keep the men in your life happy 😉 ). The straps are very comfortable and provide even weight distribution when carrying in the wide variety of positions it offers. The unique thing that SnugBaby offers over other Mei tai’s is the seat base that can be narrowed to fit the size of your baby. With limited editions and a brand new organic style just out (which also happens to be the UK’s first BSEN tested organic fabric Mei Tai), you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice.

Drop by Petit Poppet’s SnugBaby page to browse our styles or contact us to arrange a trial.

I imagine that both voting for the Face of SnugBaby or choosing your favourite design are easier tasks than the voting options for tomorrow leave us with.

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