Back Carrying with the Boba 2G

The video below shows my gorgeous toddler model and I adopting a safe and comfortable back carry with the Boba 2G (complete with excitable dog in the bottom of the screen who relates sling wearing to dog-walking 😉 ).

The first carry shows the hip scoot method of getting her on my back and the second shows the superman lift which as you’ll see, she loves! Although I am using a Boba 2G in the video, the principes are the same for other SSC’s too.

Happy to answer any questions on this so please leave a comment or query at the bottom.

Happy back carrying!

*apologies for shoddy quality, not sure what happened in the upload!


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The ABM Conference Report

Yesterday, two of my wonderful Petit Poppet agents and I went to London to exhibit at the association of Breastfeeding Mothers Conference.  We were kindly invited to attend so it was an opportunity too good to turn down.

The week preceeding the conference had been somewhat stressful due to the launch of Nappy Days, the writing of school reports and the buying and attempted selling of cars.  The latter of which resulted in me leaving home much later Friday night than I had intended as someone wanted to come and look at the car.  Luckily, because he was keen to get home for the football, I was on the (very quiet) road and arrived at my best friends house in central London in record time.  I listened to the horrendous England Vs Algeria as I sailed down the deserted motorway and was overjoyed that I hadn’t made the decision to stay home to watch it – I would have been sorely disappointed with the result.  That’s another blog post altogether though and one I’m not sure I should begin…

When I arrived in London, I was delighted to be presented with my Petit Poppet T-Shirts which had been produced in an incredibly short amount of time by Jody at  Chilli Promotions, they looked even better than I had imagined and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Saturday morning, I set off for the venue for the conference.  I was greeted by Corinne, one of my agents and shortly after, Cathy, the second agent attending arrived.  It was wonderful to all be together and we really felt like a great team spreading the word about what we do.

Our table was set up and we were off.  It was absolutely wonderful seeing so many babywearing mums in one place and talking to people who already knew all the benefits offered by wearing your baby.  Kate Evans, author of The Food of Love was on the stand next to us and even bought some Huggalugs as arm warmers for her son.  Sadly, I didn’t think quickly enough to buy a copy of her book that I could have asked her to sign… next time!

The seminars were so engaging.  Listening to the discussions that were taking place and the knowledge that was floating around was an empowering experience.  I was proud to be among these confident mothers and learnt a great deal from them.

The highlight of the day for me was without doubt, the babywearing seminar and catwalk show.  Shortly after lunch, a flood of beautiful fabrics appeared before my eyes in the form of woven wraps, SSCs and ring slings.  There were babywearing mums and dads and even a tandem carry.  I was in heaven.

Following the catwalk show where some of the Petit Poppet slings were shown, Corinne demo’d a Solarweave Connecta on stage complete with breastfeeding toddler.  This was absolutely brilliantly done and I was so proud to see the Petit Poppet logo up there on her chest as she was doing such a fab job.

Corinne demoing the Solarweave Connecta at the ABM Conference

Once her demo was done, it was my turn in the spotlight.  I had been asked to help the lovely Maya with a Mei Tai sling as she was looking to try something else having loved using her striking (and aptly named!) Maya Ring Sling.  We took to the stage and the benefits and features of the Mei Tai were explained as I helped her get her beautiful daughter into the SnugBaby which was the Mei Tai I selected.

With Ring Sling before....

Looking Snug in the SnugBaby Mei Tai after - whilst I blether on...

Maya loved the SnugBaby and her little girl was content peeking out over the top at her audience.  Once fitted, I was interviewed and asked why I would recommend a Mei tai carrier and about my own views on the benefits of babywearing.  I don’t really remember much about what I said but it felt great, I think I’m rather suited to being the centre of attention 😉

All in all, it was a fabulous day and a wonderful experience.  I would like to thank Cathy and Corinne for coming along to help me man the stand, I couldn’t have done it alone!  I would also like to thank Emma Pickett of the ABm for inviting us along to the conference, we’re already looking forward to next year!  A final thanks to Yolanda for allowing me to use her pictures.  I was way too ditracted to take any good ones!

For those who are left wondering… I sold my car this afternoon and collect my new one tomorrow, can’t wait!

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Cypress Crush

It’s not often that I lust after my own products but the new Yamo Cypress has me drooling.

The print is beautiful, my husband approves and the Yamo is a fantastically comfortable carrier – what’s not to like? My biggest debate that I’m having with myself is when exactly I would need to use a Yamo given my current obsession with the Beco. I’m sure there’s a slot and if not, I’ll find one.

Moving on to the next product crush and it’s the spring/summer Shoo Shoo range in it’s entirety ( can be viewed at – but am only allowed one pair at the moment and it’s a toss up between…



As a thank you for appreciating my predicament, blog visitors can buy their Shoo Shoos with free P&P when quoting ‘SS10B’ (discount by PayPal refund. Alternatively, orders can be placed via email )

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Beautiful day

I feel magnificent today. There’s nothing that can beat the sunshine and spring blooms for soothing the soul.

We set off for a walk from home with Ellen in the Beco on Rob’s back and Poppy (dog) in tow.

It was a glorious walk where me met lots of pony friends, crocuses (would the plural of crocuses be croci?), daffodils and general gorgeousness. Stopped halfway for a bitter shandy and returned home for doughtnuts, tea and wine in the conservatory. Life is good 🙂

Taken lots of photos today as my girl is changing before my eyes.

We experiemented with putting Ellen into the Beco before putting it on today and I can’t believe how much easier it made things. Ellen liked it as it acted as a swing for a moment inbetween being sat on sofa and put on her dad’s back. We’re both now more convinced than ever that the Beco is the way forward and all other slings are taking a back seat in our house for the forseeable future!

You can try a Beco out or buy one from the site at

Pics to follow once I’ve mastered Photoshop Elements!

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And breathe….

I’m feeling really rather ranty at The Daily Mail this afternoon. Where better to vent my frustration than here?

The headline to the article I’m referring to reads ‘Yummy Mummy Slings ‘may kill’ babies”. I probably need say nothing more…

But I will…

As usual, this article is hugely imbalanced and jumping on the scare tactic bandwagon. The deaths of infants they refer to all resulted from suffocation due to ill-fitting or badly designed slings. Within the article there is a picture of Nicole Kidman wearing a horrendously poorly fitting bag/pouch sling. Now, had Nicole been advised in how to fit a sling or indeed how to choose one that is suited to her and her baby, the picture would be a great deal more pleasing.

As with all parenting choices, safety has to be considered. We all spend vast amounts of time searching for safety reports on car seats and exploring the latest research around SIDS (AKA cot death). However, we still use car seats and cots for our babies. The same applies when choosing a sling.

A great place for more info on sling safety is:

Make full use of our Petit Poppet agents and ask for a demo or consultation so that you can try out before you buy and ensure you have the ideal, SAFE fit for you and your baby.

That’s all from me on my soapbox for now… but I will leave you with the following press release on behalf of the Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers & Retailers:

UK Sling Companies Put Baby Safety First
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has raised concerns about “bag-style” baby carriers. It is thought that 14 deaths have occurred in the US over the last 20 years, all linked to the “bag-style” sling. UK Sling retailers and manufacturers are taking steps to ensure that parents have the information they need to continue to use safe designs of baby carriers and position their babies in the safest way possible.

One design of sling now seems to have potential risks. In “bag-style” slings, the deep pouch where baby sits puts the baby in a potentially suffocating curved position. Excess fabric with an elasticized edge may cover baby’s face and inhibit breathing. The design may cause the baby’s face to turn in toward the carer’s body, potentially smothering the baby. It also obstructs the baby from the parent’s view, due to the high and gathered side panels.

The majority of baby carriers and slings are still safe to use, if they hold baby in proper alignment and fit snugly by design and instruction. These safe designs of sling include shallow pouch-style slings, ring slings, soft carriers and wrap slings.

Advice for Parents
If you carry your baby in a bag-style sling, Rebecca Ward, of the Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers and Retailers advises you to contact your local babywearing group through Sling Meet,, for advice on alternative slings. She says, “While we are unaware of any fatalities in the UK in these bag style slings at the present time, we would caution against using them in light of the recommendations by the US Safety Commission”. If you have another sort of baby carrier, Rebecca advises, “No safety problems have been brought to our attention with any other baby carriers. Make sure you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.” When using a baby sling, the advice provided by the Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers and Retailers is to follow these basic principles:

Keep your baby close and keep your baby safe. When you’re wearing a sling or carrier, don’t forget the T.I.C.K.S.


In view at all times

Close enough to kiss

Keep chin off the chest

Supported back

To find out more about baby wearing and get advice on safe ways to carry your baby there are several trusted websites to help you:

· Slingmeet


· Facebook page for Babywearing Safety


· LaLecheLeague

Benefits of Baby Wearing
In well-designed products, studies have shown that baby wearing is not only safe, but is actually beneficial. Such studies have shown that quality baby slings and carriers have been shown to save lives, improve health, decrease crying, increase IQ, and facilitate breastfeeding and bonding. [i] Studies have also shown that worn babies are happier and spend more time in the quiet alert phase. In this phase they benefit more than their non-worn peers in language development and knowledge acquisition. Babywearing also helps babies sleep better, and physical needs, including breastfeeding, are met more quickly by a close, responsive parent. Millions of babies over time have been worn to their benefit making baby slings and carriers more of a necessity than the often-publicized fashion accessory. [ii]

Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers and Retailers Members

As an aside I’m all about twiiter this week. I never knew the magnitude of it! I have the grand total of 79 followers right now and am enjoying living my life in real time ‘sleb’ update status. I have found I am able to imagine myself of similar status and that one day I will be inundated with 3000 replies for every tweet I put out there into the ether. If you want to be among my throng come follow me @petweetpoppet (see what I did there?!).

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