Points mean mirrors

Carrying your baby in a back carry in your baby sling can be extremely liberating and frees up not only your hands but pretty much your movement in general.  I find myself frequently reaching for the sling of late and throwing Ellen on my back just so I can get the car packed up, get my makeup on and get out of the house.

The only problem with back carries is that when you’re on your own, it can be hard to tell if they’ve drifted off.  Also, I miss seeing her face after a short while.  As a solution, I have had a keyring mirror created that you can easily attach to your sling with something like a Toy Tie which you can use like a rear view mirror to check on your little one as they cosy in on your back.

“How do I get my hands on one?” I hear you cry?  Simple!  Join in the game and earn yourself some points.  Once you have reached 100 points, email me to let me know and I will get your mirror out to you.

The points

Recruiting a ‘liker’ to the Petit Poppet facebook page – 10 points (for each new ‘liker’!)

Posting a link to the Petit Poppet site on your blog – 10 points (for each link)

Posting a permanent link to Petit Poppet on your webpage – 40 points

Buying a sling – 50 points

Offering to hand out flyers and business cards to baby groups/classes – 20 points

Joining Slingtalk and reaching 20 posts – 20 points

Submitting a review to Petit Poppet – 20 points

Submitting an action shot of you babywearing to Slingtalk or Petit Poppet – 20 points (for each new picture)

So, get point gathering and keep me updated here with your progress!  I look forward to giving away all these keyrings in no time!


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