Sex, boobs and babies

Yes, believe it or not I spent nearly my entire teaching day talking about the afore-mentioned subjects with my class of 9/10 year olds today.  We had a maths lesson in the middle of this lot which they protested wildly about.

We began the ‘sex’ part of our Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) today and the title of the lesson was puberty.  The idea was that I would explain twelve statements related to changes that occur during puberty and they would sort them Venn diagram style into things that happen to boys, girls or both.  We didn’t get past the first five before we had veered wildly off topic.  I’ll give the children their due, they started out as to be expected, giggling and looking mortified because their teacher said the S.E.X word.  Then they declared me an expert in SRE as I have ‘just had a baby’ and maturity and inquisitiveness took over.

Our day took us on a journey that heard us debating issues such as breast versus bottle, breastfeeding in public, homebirth, teenage pregnancy, STD’s and the use of the female form in advertising.  I warned you – wildly off topic!

The interesting part for me was that this was the first time teaching SRE since having my baby and it gave me a whole new angle on it.  Some of the children were actually asking me for my experiences which has never happened before and while I thought it would be mortifying (I may as well have been wearing a sandwich board saying I’VE HAD SEX!), it was surprisingly wonderful to be sharing it with them.  Obviously there were no gory details or scary bits included but the girls wanted to know a.) does having sex hurt? b.) does having a baby hurt? and c.) does breastfeeding hurt?  It was nice to be able to talk to them about something that has been recently so important to me and I was astounded at how astute they were.  They confidently asked very pertinent questions and considered my responses carefully.  We all had a wonderful day and I really feel I have left them today having taught them something that actually matters.

In the world of Ellen, she is teething molars hence my lack of blog posting.  Evenings are traumatic and the drool is a wonder to behold.  I sent her to nursery today in a bandana bib from Nappy Days stock and when I collected her they were raving about them so am pleased I know I have a fab product on board!

In Petit Poppet news, I was delighted to reveal on the facebook page last night that we are now a Hoppediz stockist.  The biggest problem this is presenting me with is what to start with stock wise – the woven wraps and ring slings come in so many beautiful colourways I am simply unable to choose.  You can help by visiting the site and letting me know which your favourite 4.6 wraps, 2.5 wraps and ring slings are.

Three weeks til the summer holidays… roll on freedom!


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