Femmecup – a Review

Let’s start at the beginning.  What is Femmecup?  Simply put, it is a reusable sanitary product designed to be worn internally.  It is made from silicone and collects menstrual fluids rather than absorbs.  Grossed out?  Good.  You’re about where I was when I first heard about it.

When I took over Nappy Days, I was reluctant to take Femmecup with me.  The very idea of a reusable sanitary product made me shudder if I’m honest and I was extremely cynical about it.  I thought it seemed like a faff to have to remove it and empty it out and about and didn’t see how it could work at night.  So what’s a girl to do?  of course I tried it.

I’d like to say at this point that I didn’t want to review this after just one month so I am writing this review after the third month of use.

So when Aunt Flo (AF) arrived and I had made the decision to use the Femmecup I was filled with a feeling of dread.  I was terrified of not being able to put it in properly or of it leaking everywhere horribly.   Anyway, off I trotted with instructions in hand.  Seemed simple enough and the cup was much smaller than I expected once out of the box which reassured me somewhat.  I followed instructions and was back on track in a snap surprised at how easy that part had been.

I will admit that even at this stage I was still dubious.  I was concerned about mess mainly.  Mess at all stages, taking it out (would it spill?), leaking, cleaning, reinserting etc etc.

Eight hours later (yes eight hours!) I remembered I was wearing it and thought I should probably empty it and start again.  I was surprised to find that I’d had not a single leak in that time.  But more than that, I usually suffer with pretty miserable cramping and for some reason, since using the Femmecup, I’d experienced very little hence the forgetting about it.

So on to night time.  I went to bed feeling anxious about moving around too much – the mess again…  When I woke in the morning I rushed to the bathroom fearing the worst and found… nothing!  So by this point it’s official, I am in love with the Femmecup.

Month two, I figured I was an old pro and was for the first time in as long as I can remember NOT dreading the dreaded AF arriving.  A few days before I sterilised my Femmecup and popped it into its little drawstring bag and started carrying it around with me.  On first signs I started wearing it and again it was great.  I noticed the first time I put it in this month that it wasn’t positioned properly and I had to start again but it was easily rectified and month two passed without event.

Month three… see month two.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that I am a convert and I never thought I would be.  I took them on because I was told they were a good seller and as with everything else I retail, I felt I couldn’t sell it not knowing about it.  I’m so very pleased I took the plunge and am just left with the question… why didn’t I discover this sooner?

If you are a sceptic even after reading this, drop me an email at info@petitpoppet.co.uk and if you’re willing to give a review I will supply you with a Femmecup of your own at a special 20% discounted rate*!

*Only first five people to email will qualify and must be willing to provide review for blog post/website use (can be anonymous)


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